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The Lord has filled [her] with the Spirit of God . . . to design artistic
works . . . Exodus 35:31-32

Glenda Ann Kea
“Once upon a time......I worked in the world. My daily uniform was black or
dark blue suits and business casual attire. In order to add a little sparkle
to what I wore I used my jewelry.  I never was a particularly frilly girl, but
I've always liked to adorn myself with jewelry. In the evening, when I'd
decide which, suit, hose and shoes I'd wear the next day, I'd also lay out
whatever necklace and earrings I'd put on. I didn't own many precious
stones. My husband Paul used to scoot me quickly past every jewelry
store we ever saw. I had no platinum or 24 karat gold, no sapphires,
emeralds, or rubies. But, I had lots of silver, and things made of onyx,
jasper, amethyst, and all kinds of beautiful semi-precious stones and
metals. I had necklaces, earrings, bracelets and things that I really
enjoyed wearing.”

Paul Kea
“In 2001 my wife Glenda and I moved to Texas and decided that she
would stay at home. She began her new full time job of taking care of our
home, me, her devoted husband, and our grandson Nigel. We joined a
local church and began to read the Bible for the 1st time in our lives.  
Also, our church family became our closest friends. Glenda became a
woman who wanted to wear a cross every day. The same necklace every
day no matter what outfit she wore. I don't think it mattered much to her
unless we were going out, but when we did she still wanted her jewelry to
sparkle. Neither of us found anything in the stores beyond a cross on a
After a while Glen started to make necklace and earring cross sets of her
own. Then she started to change up the jewelry she already had adding
crosses to the secular pieces and turning them into something new she
wanted to wear.”
That's how Kea Things was born.

“We're in awe of the talent to make hand crafted jewelry that God has
gifted me with. I pair precious and semi-precious metals and gemstones
to make unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry and gifts. I'm inspired by the Holy
Spirit and by anything and everything beautiful that catches my eye. All
the handmade pieces you'll see on our site were made with attention to
detail and with humble gratitude for being able to serve you by making
beautiful jewelry unlike anything you'll find anyplace else.”

“I’m working on an Etsy site so be looking for a link soon so you can shop
the beautiful things my wife makes.  I assure you; you'll come away with a
striking treasure.  Glenda hand crafts each Kea Thing using some
amazing raw material that will give you a way to stylishly show your love
for Christ.”

Thanks for taking a look around.  All the inspirational pieces you'll see
here are gorgeous and are made of pure silver, fresh water pearls,
amethyst, onyx, or jasper, lapis, sterling silver, bronze or peridot,
aventurine, garnets, crystals and more like nothing you've ever seen. We
look forward to your Kea Thing!

Thank you for giving us a chance to serve you,  

Paul and Glenda Ann Kea

The Lord has filled [her] with the Spirit of God . . . to design artistic
works . . . Exodus 35:31-32
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